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    Tess Robinson is the founder and creative director of Smack Bang Designs, a Sydney-based creative studio (and the phenomenally talented team behind our own brand and website). An entrepreneur since her early 20’s, Tess has grown Smack Bang Designs from when she was a 22 year old independent freelancer to where it is now, as one of Australia’s leading creative studios. Tess is also the co-founder of Urban Growers, building a greener future through edible gardens, urban farms and education, has co-authored a book, Slow Down and Grow Something, and she is a mom to a beautiful baby girl. To say we are inspired by Tess’s fearless drive, positive vibe and thoughtful approach to life and business would be an understatement. We’re so excited to share a bit of her story and hopefully inspire us all to find our “why”, take the leap of faith and enjoy the journey.